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getting help helping your loved ones

When you have an elderly or special needs person living in your home, your days can seem to go on forever. Even though the days feel long, you feel that there simply aren't enough hours in the day to take care of everything you need to in a 24 hour period and have time left to take care of yourself. It is easy to run yourself ragged when you have someone depending on you. One thing I found to be my saving grace is the home care service that I hired to help me with my husband. Find out what a home care service can do to help you through these difficult days here on my blog.


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Choosing The Best Care For Your Aging Parent

If you have noticed your elderly parent is having some difficulty in performing tasks around the home that had never given them trouble in the past, you may be concerned about their well-being when they are on their own without anyone there to assist them. This is often a time where you may question whether to have your parent move to a nursing home or assisted living facility, or whether to hire help to come to their home. Here is some general information about each choice, helping you make a decision so your parent receives the best possible care for their specific needs.

Home Health Care

Most people will opt for in home care first if they feel their parent does not need around the clock care. Your parent would not need to move, allowing them to stay in the comfort of their own home while receiving a bit of help at specified times. If your parent has a medical condition that makes it difficult to perform specific tasks, a home health care worker will be able to assist in these when they come to make a house visit.

Home health care workers will be able to administer medication according to your parent's doctor's recommendations as well. This option is best for an elderly patient who is not displaying difficulties with their memory, but instead has physical disabilities keeping them from performing functions they used to be able to handle with ease. A home health care agency would also be available to transport your parent to doctor's appointments as necessary. 

Assisted Living Facility

If your parent needs a little more supervision, but is still not in a state where they need to be monitored constantly, an assisted living facility may be a wise choice. Your parent would have their own independent living quarters located in a community of others staying at the facility. Cleaning, meal preparation, and transportation would be handled by the facility. If your parent needs assistance bathing, dressing, or moving from room to room, someone would be available to give them help with these tasks. Healthcare workers would monitor your parent for any changes in their health and the would adjust their visits accordingly. Your parent would enjoy some of the amenities offered, including social activities with others living on the property.

Nursing Home

When it become apparent that your parent cannot be left alone for any length of time because they are at risk for injury to themselves, you will most likely want to think about having them move into a nursing home. This setting will provide constant care for your parent. They would stay in a room at the facility, perhaps with a roommate depending on their level of disability. They would no longer need a kitchen, as meals would be prepared on-site to be eaten in a cafeteria or delivered to their room. There will be an array of programs available to assist your parent with their specific disability, from memory enhancing games and classes for those with mental difficulties, to light exercise and physical therapy sessions for those with physical disabilities. There will also be many forms of entertainment and social situations available, helping your parent to stay active while making friends.