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getting help helping your loved ones

When you have an elderly or special needs person living in your home, your days can seem to go on forever. Even though the days feel long, you feel that there simply aren't enough hours in the day to take care of everything you need to in a 24 hour period and have time left to take care of yourself. It is easy to run yourself ragged when you have someone depending on you. One thing I found to be my saving grace is the home care service that I hired to help me with my husband. Find out what a home care service can do to help you through these difficult days here on my blog.


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Need A Home Health Care Professional? Do Your Homework

If your parent is struggling to care for themselves but they want to be at home and you don't want to put them into an assisted living facility, an in home care service is best. There are a lot of benefits your parent will have to being at home where they are comfortable, and they can still get the care they need.

You'll want to talk with your parent's insurance provider to see what home health care companies are covered with the policy, and then get some background information on all of the companies. Here are some things to look for, since you have to trust these people coming into your parent's home.

Criminal Records

You can look to see if anyone has filed a law suit or is pressing charges against the company by looking at your local department for criminal records. If you find that someone has pressed charges because of abusing a patient, or a variety of other reasons, or that the home health care company is being sued, you may want another company. You can also ask the company about the allegations or charges.

Staff Requirements

Is it necessary that all of the staff members in the company have background checks before they get approved to work for the company? Do all of the people caring for your parent need to have a degree in nursing or an STNA certification? Find out what the education level is for the different employees that are hired and who will assist your parent, to know what type of medical care your parent will get.


Call the state and the city to make sure that the company is licensed to do the work they claim to be qualified to do. Not all agencies will be Medicare or Medicaid certified, but the ones that are has passed all of the legal standards to provide care to patients.

If you are struggling to trust someone you don't know to care for your parent on a regular basis, and you aren't sure where to start getting information on the home health care agencies, check into these three things first. You can read reviews online and check with other local residents that use the company to see if they are liked in the community, but you may have to try a senior home care company out for your own to see if it's going to work out for you.