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getting help helping your loved ones

When you have an elderly or special needs person living in your home, your days can seem to go on forever. Even though the days feel long, you feel that there simply aren't enough hours in the day to take care of everything you need to in a 24 hour period and have time left to take care of yourself. It is easy to run yourself ragged when you have someone depending on you. One thing I found to be my saving grace is the home care service that I hired to help me with my husband. Find out what a home care service can do to help you through these difficult days here on my blog.


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5 Signs Your Elderly Parent Needs Home Care

As people age, they might not be able to do tasks that were once quite easy, such as cooking, grocery shopping, doing the laundry, or cleaning. If your parent is getting up there in age, it is important to recognize when he or she may need extra help. Here are a few signs your elderly parent may benefit from home care services.

Dirty or Unkempt House

If you notice excessive clutter, dirty laundry piling up, or dirty floors when you go to your elderly parent's house, it is a major cause for concern. He or she may not be able to keep up with household chores anymore, leaving the place dirty and unkempt. If you hire a home care worker, he or she can complete basic household chores for your parent.

Poor Hygiene

Have you noticed a major decline in your parent's hygiene habits? If so, he or she may need extra help at home. Your parent may be reluctant to take regular showers because he or she is afraid of slipping and falling, for example. A home care worker can help your parent get in and out of the shower safely.

Weight Loss

If your parent has lost a lot of weight and does not look healthy, additional help at home may be necessary. It is possible that your parent has trouble standing up for long periods of time and preparing healthy meals. A home care worker can cook nutritious meals for your parent, helping him or her stay healthy and strong.

Forgetting Medication

Many seniors have to take multiple medications every day and may have trouble keeping them all straight. If your parent has trouble remembering to take his or her medication, it may be necessary to hire a home care worker. This healthcare professional can ensure that your parent takes his or her medication on time every day.


It is not uncommon for seniors living by themselves to experience loneliness. If your parent seems lonely and depressed, hiring a home care worker may be a good idea. A home care professional can provide your parent with companionship and put a smile on his or her face.

If your elderly parent has been showing any of these signs, home care may be something you should consider. A responsible home care professional can come to your parent's house every day and provide the help he or she needs.

Contact a company that offers elderly home care services to learn more.